Katharina Mayrhofer
works at the intersection of code and design, specializing in interactive media installations and generative design based on data.

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The Aquaszenarium is the interactive heart of Krimml’s Waterfall Center, located at the base of Europs highest Waterfalls. The installation features a fully interactive 3D projection, immersing the visitors in magically transforming water worlds.

Floor as well as walls are multitouch sensitive, allowing the visitor to dive directly into the scene, interacting with artificial lifeforms and playing with water particles.

Aquaszenarium Krimml from ktl on Vimeo.

Client: Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG / Project Management: 7reasons Medien GmbH (Günther Weinlinger, Erwin Polasek) / Concept & Story: Edgar Schreiner / Architecture/Interior Design: FLEOS architects (Gudrun Fleischmann-Oswald, Thomas Oswald, Anita Plank), Atelier Schreiner (Edgar Schreiner)/ Mediasystem Design: Erwin Polasek, Günther Weinlinger / Motiontracking: Thisplay (Emanuel Andel, Anthony Rayzhekoff) / Interaction Design & VVVV-Programing: Katharina Mayrhofer, Martin Zeplichal / Graphic Design: Erwin Polasek / Sound Design: Edgar Schreiner, Erwin Polasek / 3D-Modeling: Erwin Polasek, Michael Klein, Felix Flakus / 3D-Rendering: Erwin Polasek, Michael Klein / Softedge & Projection Mapping: Katharina Mayrhofer, Martin Zeplichal / Montage & Installation: Erwin Polasek, Andreas Dam, Helmut Tvaruzek / Wireless Control Application Programing: Joachim Brandtner, Erwin Polasek / Wave-Shader Programing Credits: Sebastian Gregor / vvvv-group / Software Consulting Credits: Joreg / vvvv-group

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