katharina mayrhofer
is a mediadesigner developing inter- active applications;
and a mediaartist focusing on generating audio and visual output.
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realizing students concepts in collaboration with Martin Zepplichal
Viessmann ISH
vvvv implementation for touchscreen application
workshop for newbies with Paul Scheytt
interactive installation VIEW
realizing the concept for Ars Electronica. basically it is a puzzle, where users can learn about data-categories, which are saved by facebook.
in collaboration with Gwendolyn Henn I was teaching at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg 'Mediale Szenographie'
working at MESO for 5 different interacitve robot exhibits; march - sep 2011
realizing interactive audio-graphic projects (maxMsp)
held a 3 days vvvv workshop at the international seminar week at the hfg in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany).