katharina mayrhofer
is a mediadesigner developing inter- active applications;
and a mediaartist focusing on generating audio and visual output.
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I give lectures at the university of applied science in Salzburg for the summer term 2013. (department multiMediaArt)
In the course “Mediale Szenographie” students realized – with their knowledge from last semester – interactive projects. The main theme for the projects was „vibrations“:

  • si claro, circularo (interactive installation)

  • irritation (audioreactive musicclip)

  • exit (interactive installation)

  • rimo (audioreactive musicclip)

  • gritty shaker (interactive installation)

  • CLAbioTIS (interactive installation)

  • trackbox virvz (interactive installation)
  • audiovisual performance
  • interactive installation with motion tracking

  • At the end of the term the students organized an exhibition.

    commissioned by: FH Salzburg, Gianni Stiletto