Katharina Mayrhofer
works at the intersection of code and design, specializing in interactive media installations and generative design based on data.

> contact

I work in the department visual communication as an University Assistance.
The main tasks are:
> teaching (design basics, motion pictures, visual programming/generative graphics)
> supporting Students with their projects
To give an overview of the diverse projects that I supported in those two terms below.
> work on running projects of the department
The two biggest publications we did: splace magazine and Auszug
> organizational matters

Based on the Design of Julia Singer, a Bachelor Student of „Grafik Design & Fotographie“, I generated a soundreactive Background for the Website, which also was the main visual Element for all the promotion material, such as the poster.
zukunftsmusik poster

My heart / my sun
Based on the main concept of the project – the journey from the human to the cosmic heart – we programmed the interactive visual Elements for the exhibition. This project by Johana Tomcová and Poyraz Yildirim also won the vlow!Award 2016.

commissioned by: Kunstuniversität Linz, Visuelle Kommunikation

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