Katharina Mayrhofer
works at the intersection of code and design, specializing in interactive media installations and generative design based on data.

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visual reverb

Diffusion of sound in a room – reverb as an elementary visual element. In contrast the video material granulates back to its original elements – frames.
A vertical split in two parts, which is based on the auditive perception of two colors. Despite that division an overall picture develops – tones as well as pictures melt into each other.
The composition is defined by its non-narrative storyline. The attempt of the annulment of sound is depicted by the search of a path, a direction in the real world of the main female protagonist. Long lasting back and forth, left and right movement through the scene. The way to the front is over and over blurred – in a visual and auditive way. As a result of these elements hounded as well as soft structures arise.

format: 1024 x 600, 25fps
duration: 6:18
actor: Franca Levassor
soundtrack by: Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Berlin

Some impressions of the shooting in Linz/Austria on a rainy afternoon.


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