Katharina Mayrhofer
works at the intersection of code and design, specializing in interactive media installations and generative design based on data.

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Since spring 2018, the Visual Communication Department of the University of Fine Arts Linz, in cooperation with Statistik Wien (MA 23 – Economy, Labour and Statistics), has been developing its own visual language for data visualisations and illustrations as well as a brochure concept for the series „Vienna in Figures“, in which statistical data of the City of Vienna are made visible.


Published so far:

  • Wien in Zahlen: Wirtschaftsstandort 2018 (Business Location 2018)
  • Wien in Zahlen: Kleinräumige Bevölkerungsprognose Wien 2018 (Population forecast)
  • Wien in Zahlen: Kleinräumige Bevölkerungsprognose Wien 2018 (Small-scale population forecast Vienna 2018)

All publications can be downloaded free of charge from www.statistik.wien.at.

MA23 Vienna, Kunstuniversität Wien
creating Datavisualizations using d3.js

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